Cookie Tacos w/White Chocolate Sauce & Fresh Fruit

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This is one of my favorite desserts to make when preparing a special dinner. It’s showy and requires a lot less effort than you might initially think when perusing the recipe. Granted the recipe is a bit lengthy, but it is for both the cookie tacos and the white chocolate sauce. Don’t be intimidated – it is actually very easy to make both items. You just need to be organized. I recommend making the cookie taco shells the day before you plan to serve them.

So a bit about this recipe… My mom gave me a cookbook back in the late 1980s – Southwest Tastes, by Ellen Brown. It was a compilation of recipes from the PBS series, Great Chefs of the West. There were several well know chefs from San Antonio highlighted in the book; thus, the reason for my mom’s thoughtful gift. Although this cookbook is no longer in print, the recipes are timeless. I have made just about every recipe in this cookbook and it was really responsible for my culinary education. My mom taught me the basics and set the foundation. This cookbook took me to the next level.

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