Turmeric Falafel & Vegan Matcha Waffles w/Crema de Jalapeño

Who needs Chicken & Waffles when you can have TURMERIC FALAFEL & MATCHA WAFFLES W/CREMA DE JALAPEÑO? I’m so excited about this vegan meal! The falafel was amazing with the plant based waffles. And, the crema was the perfect compliment to this savory take on a classic. A quick dusting of za’atar & EB seasoning, and some greens & fruit on the side are all you need! Enjoy! Links to the products in this dish are below.

The recipe for the vegan waffles are here: Vegan Waffles

I used premade falafels from: http://www.afiafoods.com

I used vegan and nut free crema de jalapeño from: http://www.eatzubi.com

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