Cheese Enchiladas con Papitas (Potatoes)

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Christmas & New Year’s Eve would not be the same without Cheese Enchiladas Con Papitas (with potatoes). They are really easy to make & are sooooo delicious! I serve them with avocado & cilantro. Add some Mexican rice and beans, or serve as is. I served them w/ tamales on the side, but that’s just what we do here is SATX. Happy holidays y’all! 

A couple of things that I do that I feel helps out with the calories and makes these easier to make…. For one, I use cooking spray to soften and heat the corn tortilla, instead of heating oil and dipping each tortilla. That is labor intensive & adds a ton of calories. So unnecessary! I also doctor up canned enchilada sauce – you really can’t go wrong and it is a lot less work. And, honestly, more delicious! 

Indulge and enjoy! 

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