Freezer Toast w/Whipped Ricotta & Apple Pear Compote

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YOU ARE GONNA THIS TOAST…But, first a bit about my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION. First, I’m gonna keep eating & drinking what I want, in moderation. I really like my Texas bbq & wine…lots of wine. I do admire those dedicated to a plant based or vegan lifestyle for health or sustainability reasons, etc. I follow many accounts dedicated to this & they push me to be a more creative cook, support sustainability & stop wasting food. I like that & am doing simple things like FREEZING FOOD, I might have otherwise let spoil, NO MORE BOTTLED WATER & USING HEALTHIER INGREDIENTS (turbinado sugar instead of processed sugar, etc.). My NEW YEARS RESOLUTION is to continue these efforts. So, with that in mind I present: FREEZER TOAST W/WHIPPED RICOTTA & APPLE PEAR COMPOTE made with all the apples & pears I received in a Christmas fruit basket. Enjoy! This is some yummy stuff!

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