Baked Anjou Pear Porridge


2019 is here and so is Baked Anjou Pear Porridge with granola, a bit of Ginger Plum Compote, banana, dragon fruit chips, and a drizzle of syrup. I think red Anjou pears are so beautiful. So, when I saw them at the store I had to get a few – with no plan on what to do with them. Well, after a late night of acting like a 30 something New Year’s reveler, I knew exactly what to do! A hot bowl of porridge sounded just right given we had some really rich food last night ~ tenderloin w/bearnaise, mashed potatoes, salad w/shrimp & a luscious carrot cake. Here is how I made this gorgeous, comforting bowl.

~ I made the Bob’s Red Mill steel cut oats according to package directions using 1% milk, a dash of cinnamon & 2 TBS of turbinado sugar. 

~ For the pear, I preheated the oven to 375 degrees and placed 2 TBS coconut oil on a baking sheet. While the oil warmed in the oven, I halved the pear and cored it. I removed the pan with the warmed oil from the oven and sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on the oil. I then placed the cut side of each pear half in the oil, moving it around to be sure they were completed saturated. Lastly, I brushed the top side with coconut oil and cinnamon mixture and baked the pears for 20 minutes.

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