Smoked Pork Belly


We prepared this pork belly for the first time a week ago. It was fantastic. Tender, savory & luscious. The day we made it we sliced several pieces and cut them into bite size pieces. Because it was a fairly large piece of meat, we refrigerated it and then sliced it into various sizes. Some in a small slab you could fry up for toast and others in chunks to fry up for tacos. So far, we have made pork belly fried rice, tacos, avocado toast with a small slab and pork belly sliders. Everyone has raved about it!

Smoked Pork Belly

Category: ENTREES, Pork

Servings:  8-12 Servings

Smoked Pork Belly


  • Whole Pork Belly - mine was 4 lbs (We got our’s at Costco)
  • Olive Oil
  • Your favorite rub/seasoning


  1. The night before you plan to smoke your pork belly, prepare your meat. Score the fatty part on the diagonal. Rub the entire slab with olive oil and then season with your favorite rub. Wrap and marinate overnight in the refrigerator.
  2. Prepare smoker and heat to 250 degrees. Place the pork belly with the fat side up on the grill. Insert temperature probs and smoke until internal temperature is 160 degrees. Occasionally, spray with apple juice.
  3. At 160 degrees, wrap the pork belly, add some apple juice, and return to smoker. Continue smoking until internal temperature hits 200.
  4. Remove from smoker and let rest for 20 minutes.
  5. Slice and serve.
  6. When we make the entire pork belly, we end up freezing it in portions. It is really good when you fried up small pieces on all sides.


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